Sunday, July 26, 2009

My 5 top fav lip products <3

1. C.O. BIGELOW Rose salve. I love this products it leave my lips so smooth. And what great about it is that you can also you for you knees,elbows,face and cuticles. But I only use it for my lips. But it really leave my lips feeling so soft.

2.Revlon matte lipstick collection in 001 nude attiude. This has little shimmer and give you a nice nude effect on your lips. I top if off with the Rose salve and it leave my lips super pretty.

3. Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip smoother in Gleam 40. It has a cute peachy smell and it not sticky at all. And leave your lips nice and shiny.

4.Soft lips in vanilla. This lip balm glyde right on your lips. Making it feel nice and moisturize. I always keep it with me for on the go.

5. L'Oreal Bare naturale Lip Conditioner in Soft Petal. This lip product is super cute. Even though it goes on clear it good to top over on a lipstick

Here is a pic of my 5 top fav lips products. Sorry I left my Soft Petal in my boyfriends car but you can buy most of them at drugstore the rose salve you can get a bath and body works !! Hope you like


  1. I just found you blog and love it. keep up the good work.

  2. I know I'm super late about this but thank you