Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fashion and makeup

So this is embrassing to say but I never ever owned any kind of brand make up except the drugstores. Usually I only bought like the concealer stick and eyeshadow and lipgloss. Oh and mascara lol. I never own a mac makeup,elf makeup, or any of those online makeup or from sephora. It's always been from drugstores. I've always been really girly but since I didnt grow up with alot of money and didnt have a job I sort of just look like a bum lol. But I have a job and will start monday so when I get my paycheck I will start buying make up products and will do video's and upload them on youtube. Around my area all the girl look the same and there mostly not into makeup so what better way to make videos and interact with people who do. Oh and shoutout to ilikeweylie and gemsmaquillage on youtube. Thanks to them I've been extremely obessed with makeup and found out about online shopping. I went to site they mentions and I love all of them. Never knew you can buy cheap products online lol. Well I look foward to this new chapter I' m about to start and hope you are too !

Saturday, May 30, 2009

More about me !

So here are the 5 basic info about me.

1. My race ?
I'm puerto rican part indian

2. What's my favorite cartoon character ?
Hello Kitty <3>

3. My age ?
I'm 18

4. My relationship status ?
I've been taken for 3 years <3>

5. What do I love the most ?

The hills ! Fashion & makeup

Friday, May 29, 2009

I finally got a job !!

So I've been jobless for about 7 months. And it's has been hell for me being broke for so long. Thanks to the economy no one was hiring or everyone was getting laid off. But thanks to god I was called for an interview and I thought I wasn't going to get but the boss called and told me I was hired. I'm Super excited cause I'm going to be working as clerical in a uniform company. So it's going to be intresting and exciting. I never worked as a clerical before just a worker at a fast food so we'll see how it goes. I'm so blessed that I finally get to work and get paid money to buy the things I want. I'm 18 and my parents really can't buy stuff for me cause the money situation so this job is going to help me alot. Also I have a youtube account I will be posting up videos for clothing haul, makeup haul, hair product hauls and jewlery hauls. I'm very into fashion and all that girly stuff so when I start working and get a new camera because my other one broke I will be starting videos. It's going to be intresting cause most of them are going to be my first haul like make up wise and hair product wise and then when my collection gets bigger I will be doing reviews and toturials. It will not only be me in I will have a few people in my life on it because I dont want to be only one in my videos. So I hope you guys are looking forward to that and I will keep you posted on how my new job goes. By the way I start monday so wish me luck - bye <3>