Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Haul :)

Here is just a little haul that I did over thanksgiving weekend.I got this at the CCO is tannersville,Pennslyvania and it's a MSF in Pefect Topping and this MSF came out with the sugar sweet collection. This MSF is great for using as a highlight right above your cheeks. This MSF is called Light flush and this came out with the N collection. The MSF is in medium pink with some cooper in it which is great to use as bronzer. You can also you used as a contour. The color is super pretty.

Here are the MSF together. There are really good quality and I got them at the CCO for $19.95. There regular price is $27.95 I believe. But this is just my little haul that I got at the CCO. If you have any questions or request just leave in the comment box below.

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