Friday, June 5, 2009

Update on work mini haul !!

So today my 5th day working at my job. And I'm so blessed for having this job but it is not what I thought it was going to be. So the fun part is that I get to go to New York some days to measure kids and write down some info. The sucky part is I have to file them into the computer and I'm there for hours. Sometime I'm there until I have to leave work. I would rather staple papers and stamp then file because it too much work. But I'm thankful and just going to have to suck it up. So first, I went to target and I bought the neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup in fresh beige 70. It around $12 I believe and I love it even though it leave my skin a little oily. But that's ok. I also bought a foundation brush the brand called studio tools and it was about $7.00. Then I went to 5 below and I bought L.A. colors EP 46 Stormy. It was $2.14 including tax. And it leave a nice metallic look on your eyes. So Next week I'm getting paid and going to buy tons of drugstore makeup since I have none. So recently I was looking for a harmon face value store and I've been going to 5 below a couple of times and never bother to notice that harmon was right next to 5 below lol. So I went in and found tons of drugstore make for cheaper price. So I'll def. be going back to that store. Well TGIF everyone !

Monday, June 1, 2009

1st day at my new job, The hills and New Moon !

So It was my first day of work and it was awesome !! I thought I wasn't going to get the job but I did. And when I got it I thought it was going to be boring. And it actually isn't. I get to type in info on the computer, seal mail and stuff that keeps me busy. And get to go to new york to measure the clients. So it's fun job to have. And my boss lady Mary is amazing. So I'm off to new york already this week. So I'm looking foward to that. But off to other topics. OMG I saw the trailer for New Moon and it amazing. I'm so excited to see the movie I wish november was here already. Jacob look so sexy but I dont like the fact bella all in love with him. Anyways off to The Hills which I'm a HUGE fan. I was so freakn pissed that the audio was messing the show up. I think they did that on purpose. And I saw a little of season 6 was Kristin and you can tell she acting and starting drama for the camera. Common since when Kristin was into boys like Justin Bobby ?? So I wont be watching the hills no more. But they are going to show the finale again today and there wont be no messed up audio so mtv said. And after that is unseen footage of heidi and spencer wedding. So tune in at 10 pm today on MTV. I'm so sad lauren no longer on the show but I am going to see her in person because she having a signing for her new book in New york and I will def. be there !!
Lauren You will def. be missed !! =/